Full-service marketing agency Donor Point Marketing brings nonprofit expertise to DRUM

by DRUM, 29 Mar 2017

We’re so pleased to announce that we’re joining forces with Donor Point Marketing (DPM). Founded in 2012 and headquartered in metropolitan Washington, DPM has an established track record of success in direct response fundraising campaign development and data analytics in the nonprofit sector.

Adding to the current nonprofit division at DRUM, DPM strengthens the mission-driven philosophy of DRUM to provide a full suite of marketing services from a single agency. Services from DPM will be fully integrated into the DRUM offerings while the agency maintains autonomy to continue delivering results at peak performance without dilution.

“Many of the world-class companies that DRUM is proud to call clients have rich histories donating resources to causes they believe in, both through their own corporate gift-giving efforts and strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations,” said George Wiedemann, CEO of DRUM. “It makes perfect sense to integrate these campaigns with traditional marketing to strengthen brand equity and elevate these organizations to new heights in philanthropic activities.”

The expertise that DPM brings to DRUM in nonprofit marketing is stellar. The agency serves the needs of all the unique verticals in the sector with a history of success as registered fundraising counsel for organizations like the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Born Free USA, Lighthouse Guild, The Seeing Eye and American Friends of The Hebrew University. The combination of proficiency in probability scoring, data models and message pre-testing that DPM has cultivated is a perfect fit for DRUM and the company welcomes the abilities that its team members execute with passion and vigor.

DRUM welcomes Donor Point Marketing to its family of marketing agencies and looks forward to integrating its talents and aptitudes into the multidisciplinary brain trust that helps companies like Adobe, E*Trade, AT&T and Chase achieve their most ambitious marketing goals.