Personalized Video Connects You to Customers

by Rosann Bartle, 30 Apr 2019

It’s not enough to compete on the lowest price or best product. Brands need to build loyalty with their customers and provide personalized communications based on how they interact with the brand.


Why is personalization so important?

To build loyalty, you need to understand your customers and provide them with relevant content. The more you know about them, the more tailored — and meaningful — you can make the communications.

Netflix does a great job in this regard. They push relevant content based on what people watch. And they do it in way that is not creepy, stating up front that the suggested content is based on what the customer has watched in the past. Customers appreciate when you explain why you’re sending a specific communication.


Add personalization at various points in the customer journey.

No matter where in the customer journey personalized content is added, the effect goes a long way.

When acquiring new customers, the onboarding process is a great time to personalize communications. You can tailor welcome messages based on the product or services they have purchased. It also gives you an opportunity to cross-sell other services base on usage or remind them of the benefits they still haven’t accessed to reinforce the value of their recent purchase.

For instance, Amazon emails Prime customers to remind them that Amazon Prime Music is included as part of their membership. It’s a subtle trigger. But it works.


Personalized video can help increase engagement.

As customers have come to expect a more personalized message, many brands have begun using personalized video to increase engagement.

Capital One did this especially well in the onboarding process for their checking account. They introduced an animated video that educated new customers about the features of their new account and walked them through the various ways to make a deposit with the mobile app.

Often, if the content is good and perceived as valuable, customers will share the video among their social network. That helps increase your brand’s credibility and positions you as an expert for that product or service.


Measure engagement on your personalized video.

As with any communication, measuring the amount of engagement is important. You’ll want to track how customers are viewing your content and what action they’re taking afterward.

Did they click through to a landing page from an email or from a mobile device? How long did they view the video, and how many times did they watch it? All of these actions provide valuable insights on how and where to send your next communication.


There are significant benefits when personalization is done right.

Personalization will continue to be an essential way to deepen customer relationships. As with any personalized features, just be up front about how their data is being used and show them the benefit.

The business landscape will only get more competitive. Marketers who can connect on a personal level with customers are the ones who will thrive.





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